A Very Merry Engagement

A Very Merry Engagement

It is the time that weather gets cool of a year. If you are looking for some last minute proposal ideas, here are a few which are easy to prepare and execute! We’ve put together a few unique ideas that take advantage of the season of revelries and will help you show to your intended how special she/he is.

There's nothing like a festive winter proposal.

There’s nothing quite like a romantic winter proposal.

 An ode to the tree: Have you decorated the Christmas tree yet? If not, there’s nothing quite like adorning it with ornaments with your partner in tow, and watching the surprise on their face when he/she finds a ring tied to one of the branches! You can get imaginative and add elements of romance, such as hanging little notes that mention what you love about him/her. Or, amaze your love with a ring inside the stocking! You’ll agree here, there couldn’t be a better start to any Christmas morning.

Light up their world: Dusk in holiday season is almost synonymous with twinkling lights. You can use outdoor string lights to write out, “Will you marry me?” on the front of your house, apartment or lawn. Your friends and family can be secretly stationed inside, while you come up with an excuse to linger outside. Then, have someone flip the switch to reveal the message!

Spell it out in the Christmas spirit .

Spell it out in festive style.

Out and about: If you and your beloved are outdoor people, a picnic in the winter chill presents the best opportunity to ask the big question. Arrange a family outing under the guise of a photo shoot (or Christmas tree-picking at a Christmas farm) and decorate the area with Christmas lights and picnic baskets (containing loads of champagne and sweet treats for the celebrations later). Then, when he/she least expects it, get down on one knee. You can give your photographer a cue to ensure that the best moments get captured to make memories of a lifetime.

Let the music weave its magic: If you know of a local group of singers, contact them to help you out in the task. While you and your beloved are snuggled in, they can come caroling to your door, holding signs of “Happy Holidays!” When they’re finished singing and flip over to reveal, “Will you marry me?” you can expect collected cheers to resonate in your house.

The winter chill warms the hearts as you pop the big question.

The winter chill warms the hearts as you pop the big question.

Pull off a fake out: While this idea is season-proof, it is not only sheer fun but also sure to catch your ‘suspecting’ partner totally off guard. Start out by asking for your partner’s ring size in different obvious ways (such as bringing home a ring chart etc.). When they accuse you of ruining the surprise that you are shopping for a ring, bring out the real thing and say, “Okay, try this one instead.” Imagine the look your intended will have!

Counting down to the happy hours: If New Year’s Eve is more your style, why not include the entire partying crowd? This one will require some amount of planning – you want to make sure everyone’s game (after all, they are going to be focusing the most important few minutes of the new year on you). Book a club and request the DJ to stop the music as the countdown starts. When the clock strikes 12, the jubilant crowd stops cheering and goes quiet as you go down on one knee to pop the question. Once you have your answer from a very surprised (and possibly emotional) partner, the cheering can go on unabated!

We hope these spirited ideas have got your thinking mind in top gear and that you have one of the most spectacular holiday seasons! Best of luck!

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