Fashion rings for Spring 2017 season

Fashion rings for Spring 2017 season

Nowadays, rings have a special meaning which can be a symbol of love, fidelity, affection, and a stylish accessory that combines almost all the latest trends of the new seasons, emphasizing the individuality of the one, who wears it. As a result, fashion trends aren’t confined just to wardrobe items, but also to accessories. And to the most beloved – fashion rings. Hence, beautiful, stylish and high-quality ring becomes a perfect final note in creating your fashionable image.

1. With a gemstone in the center

With a gemstone in the center


Lots of girls tend to choose the greatest fashionable rings. But which option is the best to choose? In addition, it is possible to use kind of ethnic ring. Massive fashion rings are back in fashion and their shape will perfectly accentuate elegance of even fragile thin fingers. In conclusion, fashion jewelry for Spring 2017 does not limit outwardly, so you could choose a ring to your liking.

With a gemstone in the center

So in the priority of stones there are round and square shapes. As forthe colors – all shades that you consider springly. Massive stone is an indicator of good taste and due to this fact it makes refined any female hand. And these rings are very similar to the style of cocktail rings , so that in the end of this post I will leave the link with more info about them.

With a gemstone in the center

First of all, massive fashion rings can be perfectly combined with the doubled bracelets. And wearing ponderous rings over the decorative gloves won’t lose its relevance even in this season. Also I advise you to pick up  high gloves made of delicate translucent chiffon type fabrics.

2. Precious metals

Precious metals

They can be decorated with semi precious stones. Finally, they are very versatile and are suitable to any style of clothing. But by choosing your silver jewelry, do not forget that unusual, bright and artsy things are the great fashion trend of Spring 2017. Such models can be found among silver fashion rings, when jewelers use large and bright stones as a decoration.

Precious metals

Fashion rings in rose gold have increasingly replenished jewelry collections of diamond rings. They become more expressive alternative to the white gold and a more relaxed and elegant accessory version to yellow gold.

3. Phalange steampunk

 Phalange steampunk

The main trend of this Spring became “phalanges with a lot of rings and springs”. Whereas only a few years ago, lots of jewelry on hands was considered bad taste, now women of fashion stylists give scope for the imagination. They prefer to mix and to match gold and silver, to look perfect. And, as you have probably understood – it should be a steampunk style!

4. Men’s fashion rings

Men’s fashion rings

The majority of men wear only an engagement ring. But it is necessary to consider all the fashion trends for men’s fashion rings. Laconic models with a smooth surface made from white or yellow metal still remain very trendy. Men often choose this option, basing on their convenience.

Men’s fashion rings

Particular attention should also be given to rings, which will be very popular for the next year. Such models are very interesting enough, especially because of their pearl and precious stone decorations.

5. Wedding rings

Wedding rings

The new Spring season will give a start to a new wedding season, so  that we can’t just leave this theme. During Spring 2017 models of large fashion rings will be very relevant. Classic wedding rings in 2017 will be decorated with precious stones. As always, at the peak of popularity will be models with diamonds. However, there is an alternative option – ring with cubic zirconia. Diamonds are the most well-blended with a platinum or gold. You can choose a model with one large or with many small stones.

Wedding rings

Designers advise to give preference to jewelry with curved rims, all sorts of engraving and relief decoration in the form of a molding.

Wedding rings

Fashion rings models may be made in one color and also combine all three metals: white, yellow and rose.

6. Minimalistic fashion rings

Minimalistic fashion rings

If you are afraid to go beyond the office dress code, do not worry – just choose thin graceful models that will be an organic look with a business suit. If you want to know more about dress code rules, just find a link to the appropriate post in the end of this page. You should also choose a ring, that is inlaid with stones or jewelry in the style of minimalism.

7. Geometry fashion

Geometry fashion

Seems like it is not necessary to choose accessories with whimsical shapes, ornate design that catches views if it is not your style. An ordinary ring with geometric lines like triangles, rhombus, rectangles inscribed into an oval could be very fashionable and stylish, maybe just until you run out design fantasy.

Geometry fashion

The smooth globular shape for decoration of rings becomes very different. Most of all this may be a stone, crystal, gold or silver sphere, smooth or precious. Such rings always attract attention and they are especially relevant and great additions to a cocktail attire.

8. Boho animalistic motif

Boho animalistic motif

Such fashion rings are made of natural materials. For the most part they are simple, intentionally natural. They have poorly cut of stones or wood, which show every vein. And this adds to the image an appropriate atmosphere of freedom and sentiment. Massive rings in the form of animals with lots of stones in a boho style – that is what you willtotally need. Also, fashion rings of bizarre shapes with main boho colors ( blue, turquoise, red and silver). In this case, you can even wear a ring on each finger. The bigger – the better, as always.

9. Retro and vintage

Retro and vintage

Jewelry rings, stylized  in retro and vintage styles will be really popular. And this, incidentally, is a very interesting topic.Vintage wedding rings will be the most fashionable bridal trend the whole 2017. Almost any ring made several decades ago can be antique. However, most of true vintage rings dated to the end of XIX and the early XX century. Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Retro are the most popular of the available styles. But it’s worth remembering that any item, and especially jewelry, carries its energy and history. So if you decide to choose an engagement ring, which has already had its owner, make sure that the love story was happy.


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