Holiday Rings Are All About the Bling

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There is something about seeing the month of  November  on my calendar that gets me excited for the holiday season!

With the potential for snow, cheerful music, and spending time with friends and family has me ready to start holiday planning! Speaking of holiday planning, one of the most fun (and stressful!) parts of the season is finding the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. Now, I pride myself on my gift-giving abilities. I always try to pick a gift that the person will truly want and use.

Having received my fair share of interesting trinkets and very sweet but useless gifts (the amount of inspirational calendars I have could inspire the world), I’ve made it my new goal to be the St. Nick of gift-giving. Luckily for me, I basically have Santa’s bag of gifts at my fingertips. I asked my elves (also known as the lovely people I work with that were willing to go on a jewelry hunt) for assistance and grabbed this year’s holiday ring collection.

If I haven’t been able to put you in the holiday spirit,  our gorgeous 2016 Holiday Collection definitely will. You’ll be singing carols along with me by the end of this post! And if you’re like me and want to find the ideal gift, look no further, because these rings are sure to please even the biggest Scrooge!


Rudolph Red

rings blog red ring

The color silver has never looked so good! And those rubies are enough to make anyone swoon. Rudolph’s red nose has nothing on this Mahaleo ruby ring and bracelet.


Winter Wonderland Wishes

coco cup

This Ethopian opal and sapphire ring is sure to fulfill any winter wonderland wishes! The shimmering opal and colorful sapphires resemble Christmas lights reflecting off of falling snowflake.


White Christmas

ring blog scarf

I’m definitely dreaming of a white Christmas. But if the snow doesn’t come, I’ll settle for this snowy white pearl ring.  Covered in Mahaleo rubies and white zircon, the antique look of this ring makes it extra special for the holidays.


Bling the Halls

ring blog gold diamond ring

You may be ready to deck the halls, but first you need to have a little holiday bling. This Bella Luce ring will sparkle brighter than all the Christmas lights combined!


Silver Bells

ring blog scarf snow

It may not be Christmas time in the city just yet, but you’ll definitely be dressed in holiday style. With this statement Bella Luce ring you’ll be stylish all holiday long.


‘Tis the Season

ring blog moiss anite

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to be the best gift-giver ever. With this Moissanite Fire and pink diamond ring , you’ll be the new Santa Clause in town.


Letters to Santa

ring blog card

No need to write Santa this year, I know what’s at the top of your wish list. This purple and white diamond ring will be a great gift for you or anyone on the nice list!

See, I knew you would be singing carols by the end of this! Now I’m even more excited for the holiday season after styling all these stunning looks. Hopefully, these looks inspired by our holiday ring collection have given you inspiration for your gifts.

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