300 Cartier jewelry pieces are being honored with a very special exhibition review

Today, it’s in Tokyo in the National Art Center the French jewellery brand has taken its own prized jewels on a trip to exhibit them at the’Cartier, Crystallization of Time’ exhibition, that will reveal particular treasures to the people for the very first time.
In total, more than 300 bits, some of which date back to the 1970s and half of that are available from 88 distinct experienced collectors, will light up this modern art museum in the land of the rising sun.


Through a mysterious setting made by the New Material Research Laboratory and created by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Tomoyuki Sakakida, the exhibition symbolizes a journey back in time to the roots of the jewels. You can dive into the property of precious stones, to discover their transformation from their raw state in depths of the earth to becoming beautiful jewelry pieces.


The exhibition will explore Cartier’s groundbreaking designs through three sections,”Colors and Material Transformation,””Forms and Design,” and”Universal Curiosity”, as well as the resources of inspiration which are at the center of the brand’s creations. A special mention for its Cartier Panther, that has been the label’s signature plus a logo for the age of female liberation because its very first appearance in 1914. This jewelry exhibition warrants a visit, so you can discover all the secrets of this French brand for yourself.