Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bracelet, SM Size 16

Take your bracelet, together with your guarantee, to your closest Cartier boutique and one of our jewellers will examine it and advise what has to be done, as well as how much this will cost and how long it will take.Three years ago, jewelry designer Hannah Keefe was messing around in the studio when she stumbled upon a concept that goes on to create some serious buzz.I make really crazy, detailed, maximalist jewelry beneath my line Hannah K and that I wanted something which would be an antidote to this, Keefe describes. Instead of being really decorative and detailed, I wanted something which was conceptual, large and permanent.Thats just how Keefe came up with the idea for a very simple gold bracelet; she wanted it to become whisper-thin and compact, with no surplus adornment.That seems about as nominal and reductive into the gist of jewellery as it might be, she explained. So as not to disrupt the bracelets continuous loop with a telltale grasp, Keefe simply wrapped a gold wire across her wrist and soldered the ends together. The bracelet had been tight enough that she couldnt eliminate it and three years later, she still hasnt. Shes since affixed another bracelet into the other wrist, brought from the equilibrium of this fitting cuffs.The notion of permanent jewelry isnt newits a long-held tradition for certain tribal culturesbut its uncommon to encounter a fashion that requires commitment in todays age of fast fashion. Cartiers iconic Love Bracelet, was created in the 1970s and is the closest modern example of this type of notion, as it could only be removed using a Cartier screwdriver.

Cipullo always had a knack for turning the apparently easy into the stunningly irreverent and significant, making Love Bracelets worthy investment pieces for couples as well as for singles.Today, a Cartier Love Bracelet can vary anywhere between $6,000 to $11,000 USD. If you’re interested in reselling yours, the earning potential is profoundly influenced by its dimensions, metal type, and overall style. Here is a fast guide to how these factors ultimately impact how much you can earn from selling yours.Metal Type: The Cartier Love Bracelet was just available in yellow gold plating through its debut in 1969. Cartier has enlarged into strong yellow, white, and rose gold. Regardless of the diverse selection of metal hues available now, the traditional yellow gold continues to lead as the very sought-after metallic type for your Cartier Love Bracelet, therefore, having the maximum resale value. However, the trendier rose gold can be a fan favorite with a substantially high resale value. Meanwhile, although white gold is still a favorite by many, its less in demand since the former. Diamonds: Breaking with no customs and staying at the top of trends, Cartier offers Love Bracelets in a plethora of gemstone and diamond combinations. These include thoroughly covered pav versions and bracelets adorned with garnet and amethyst stones in place of screws. Love Bracelets with diamonds retail much above the classic Love Bracelet. And although diamonds generally yield a higher resale value (because they are costly, to start with), they’re much less popular as the traditional Cartier Love Bracelet.

Cartier Yellow Gold Love Bracelet, SM Size 16 Features:

Brand: Cartier

Gender: Womens

Condition: Never Worn

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Note: Includes Box and Papers

New Screw System