Some Very Trendy New Lab-Grown Diamond Styles Review

Lightbox jewelry, the De Beers–possessed lab-grown jewelry brand that’s set the minimal cost bar for lab-created diamonds ($800 per carat), debuted a couple of trendy jewelry new styles at this year’s Luxurious show in Las Vegas.The new looks–stackable rings and necklace bracelets featuring clusters of small lab-grown diamonds–are marvelously on trend. And, as anticipated, they are priced to fly the digital shelf.
Both brand new ring styles, each of which are put with 3/8 ct. trillion and round diamonds in 10 ct. yellow stone, texture especially of the moment. Initially, the Open Top ring (see below), showcases one blue, white, or pink lab-created diamond perched on the edge of an open pit. Though the Solitaire Linear ring (pictured at top) includes a flat bar top with one bezel-set diamond anchored akimbo.Both styles stack up beautifully by themselves and with each other. And since they market for a mere $600 each, it’s easy to imagine women buying three or two and doing exactly that using them.The brand’s fairly new Cluster pendant is made up of three lab-grown diamonds–two white and the third either blue or pink–and sells for $900. Total carat weight in those is 1 ct., together with the central stone weighing 5/8 ct. and both side stones tipping the scale in 1/8 ct. and 1/4 ct., respectively.


The style is really a fun twist on the diamond solitaire pendant and even prices exactly the same as Lightbox’s 1 ct. lab-grown solitaire necklace.Lightbox debuted a year ago with a few very fundamental diamond styles, like stud earrings and solitaire pendants. But the brand is increasing, and moving vigorously into the nice fashion arena, using a youthful jewelry client –millennials and Gen Z girls who like to mix and match layerable jewellery –put directly in its sights.Whether you see lab-grown diamonds as a fabulous invention or a menace, there is no denying Lightbox’s alluring value proposition. That is, for want of a better word, bananas.That sparkling value proposition brings to mind the lab-grown diamond board my colleague Rob Bates moderated in Las Vegas this season –“Lab-Grown Diamonds: Do You or Don’t You? “–in which Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks Diamonds, asked,”What happens when the prices go down? Jewelry is going to become very accessible. And for retailers, this is going to create the jewelry sector much larger.” And for most, bigger will be greater.